It’s time to pack your baggage and you don’t know what’s missing or what’s extra? This is meant to be a short guide to avoid forgetting the essential things to avoid and tips on shopping.

Already in the article “How to plan a trip to Bali” I tried to give you some useful suggestions for that trip, now I wanted to write something short and immediate, a quick guide to avoid trivial mistakes. Below you can find my travel pills:


Health kits: medicines (generic antibiotic, painkiller), patches, anti-insect sprays, wet wipes, sunscreen protection 50, sunscreen after sunburn;

Universal adapter;

Photocopy of passport to keep in a different place.

Booking confirmations (for security reasons I always ask for a hair dryer).


Lots of clothes: only matching outfits. One T-shirt per day, one change for several nights, and trousers every 2-3 days. Underwear one per day, plus a reserve;

New shoes: always start with comfortable shoes already used. Blisters are just around the corner.

Tips for the baggage

A waterproof bag for mobile phone for filming even in various weather conditions;

Traveller T-shirt: I discovered it for my trip to Bali and I would say that it was very useful, especially with the inhabitants of the less touristy areas where it was difficult to express even just gestures.

Traveller T-shirt Life Sentence Industry
Traveller T-shirt Life Sentence Industry – what to put in the baggage

It’s a very interesting idea of Life Sentence Industry. On the t-shirt are stylized the main things you need, for example: beer, Wi-Fi and ice cream. It can also be a useful gift for a friend who is not very familiar with languages.

I hope I’ve given you the right cues, approved by Call me Claire, to take the doubts out of the baggage.

If you have something essential or to avoid to share, you can do it by commenting this article so, with pleasure, I can integrate it.


Call me Chiara, the idea is to take you with me on my travels and share with you my passions: from hiking in the mountains to days of kitesurfing, from urban cities to forests and all surrounded by the delights of the world.

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