Immersed in the hills of Asolo are the Terme di Crespano (TV), ancient (you can go back to pre-Roman times) and recognized for the therapeutic quality of their thermal water. I decided to spend an afternoon relaxing at the Terme dei Colli Asolani and it was a pleasant surprise. I bought a wellness package that includes a two hours course in the Spa with different activities.

The path begins with a welcome greeting where the treatments are explained, how to use and the principles of the structure. In fact, particular emphasis was given to explaining the sensations I would have experienced during this experience.

The mission declared by the Spa is to “feel good” and this status must be there throughout the process. If not, you are urged to notify the staff at any time as the priority is the welfare of the customer at 360 °. This has impressed me a lot because often, in order to respect the program purchased, you are pushed into paths that do not adapt to your needs.

Another special thing is the fact that, in the two hours spent in the center, I have not seen any other customer. I know for sure that there was someone else because I saw clothes in the locker room, but we never met. This is another positive note of the Terme dei Colli Asolani and thanks to the bookings of 2 hours in 2 hours, are able to turn the customers while respecting the different times in carrying out the path. The organization and care of this detail has not gone unnoticed and I really relaxed, not looking after other strangers around me.

Terme dei colli asolani - vibe
Terme dei colli asolani – vibe


The first step is to immerse yourself in the thermal water of the whirlpool.

Before going in, I was explained the benefits of thermal water and how to best assimilate them. For example, when I came out of the bath I used small towels to dab and thus avoided to remove the water and to take away in this way the beneficial properties.

This thermal water is recognized by the Ministry of Health (2011) in balneotherapy for treatments: arthro-rheumatic (osteoarthritis, joint rheumatism, after-effects of fractures and joint injuries, muscle tears, lumbago, tendonitis, etc.), dermatological (psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema, etc.) and phlebopathies. The spa is also accredited with the Hospital of the ULSS 8 of Treviso and you can make paths of treatment and therapy through the SSN.

The second phase continues with a one-hour massage of your choice.

In the package there was the possibility to choose between different types (draining, relaxing, sports, decontracting, aromatic) but there are much more to discover in the site.

Mauro was available for me and before meeting him I was explained what he was specialized in and that, based on the massage chosen, would still take into account my needs. And so it was!

I had chosen a relaxing massage and I asked him to work on my back, which unfortunately pained me and he customized the massage according to what I needed. Wonderful and I came out regenerated. These two hours at the spa ended with an herbal tea and a deckchair with blanket to complete the relaxation, all in complete tranquility and without haste.

I had read that the Spa based wellness services on holistic treatments but I confess I do not know the meaning and I have documented: Holistic Therapy is a method whose goal is the care of the person in its entirety, and not only in the body but in the soul. In fact, “holism” comes from the Greek and means totality.

I can say that the mission has been achieved and this path is approved by Call me Claire.


Call me Chiara, the idea is to take you with me on my travels and share with you my passions: from hiking in the mountains to days of kitesurfing, from urban cities to forests and all surrounded by the delights of the world.

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