You may have been searching for the airline companies to choose from on your next trip.

It happens very frequently to hear on TV of delayed airlines, inconvenience of overbooking, some even with a fleet of aircraft to be “overhauled”. In short, a better control for a conscious choice.

airline companies
Airline companies

Tripadvisor helps us and has published his ranking of the best airline companies and at the end of the day, we have drawn up this ranking, with our reviews.

The best companies in the world are:

  1. Singapore Airlines
  2. Qatar Airlines
  3. Eva Air (Taiwan)
  4. Emirates
  5. Japan Airlines
  6. Southwest Airlines (United States)
  7. Azul (Brazil)
  8. Air New Zealand
  9. (UK)
  10. ANA (Japan)

The best European and Low cost = Jet2com

Best First Class = Emirates

Best Business Class = Qatar Airlines

The best Premium Economy = Air New Zealand

Best Economy Class = Singapore Airlines

In my experience as a traveller, I have flown with both low-cost and scheduled airlines.

I have travelled a lot with Ryanair where I have learned not to eat anything in the air and like low cost are trying to charge anything. For example, the allocation of seats is now subject to a fee and also the baggage to put in the cabin.

Instead, I had the opportunity to travel with Qatar Airlines and I understood what the class also means in the economy.

So, if I can advise you, when planning a trip choose the company and the time of the flight so that it does not turn into a misadventure right away but a comfortable start.


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