Are you looking for summer discounts for 2020? In the moments of waiting, between one counter and another or waiting for the washing machine to finally finish the cycle, I’m always looking for some offer and promotion on the web for my trips.

Sometimes I happen to come across temporary discounts useful for a trip already planned and in other cases instead to encourage me to plan a new adventure.

The world of offers is varied and not everyone knows that there are also fixed programs of scouting in the year.

This is intended to be a short guide on the small measures to save euro to discover the summer discounts for 2020.

Discounts for flights

  1. Use comparison sites (e.g. Skyscanner or Edreams);
  2. Always create an account for the loyalty programs of each chosen company. Some companies are part of groups and the miles are also valid between companies such as Alitalia and Etihad Airways;
  3. Check out the flash offers that usually cover the season and the following 2 months;
  4. When to book? Studies state that the best time to book a domestic plane is 5 weeks before departure (9% less) and for international travel is between 5 and 6 months before (11% savings). 
Summer Discounts Airbnb
Discount Airbnb

Discounts for accommodation

  1. Use comparison sites (e.g. Trivago);
  2. Create an account on the main booking sites (e.g. Booking, Expedia, etc.) to accumulate points with loyalty programs;
  3. Use discounts provided by the affiliate. For example, by clicking here you can access my code that allows you to have €34 discount on booking with Airbnb.

Discounts on credit/debit cards

In our travels it is becoming essential to have a credit card in order to be able to book a rental car, for example, or to pay easily without local exchange problems.

I personally have chosen the Hype card and if you want to request it for free you just have to click on this link.

Discounts on accessories

  1. Use comparison sites (also direct search on Google);
  2. Create an account (e.g. Amazon when you’re in a hurry to buy or Alìexpress when you’re in time);
  3. Some shopping tips are for example for my trip to Bali I will use the 70lt backpack and the adapter with two USB ports found below.
  4. Also for this trip I discovered the very interesting brand Life Sentence Industry. On the Traveller T-shirt are stylized the main things you need, for example: beer, wifi and ice cream. In my trip to Bali it was very useful, especially with the inhabitants of less touristy areas where it was difficult to express even just gestures (and take advantage of discout code CLAIRE15 to have the 15% of discount 😉 ).
Traveller T-shirt - Life Sentence Industry - Discount Code
Traveller T-shirt – Life Sentence Industry – Discount Code
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