You’re asking: why have I choose the name “Call me Claire”?

To this simple question, however, there are two answers.

One simple question: My name is Chiara.

Stamp Call me Claire
Stamp Call me Claire

But you have to learn that I am not ordinary and for the most interesting answer you have to continue the reading in which I will try to be Chiara in name and in fact.

Do you know that moment when you are exactly where you should be and the noises, colors, scents, all together give you that feeling of being in peaceful with the world?

If you’re lucky you know what I’m talking about. And it’s the feeling I’m trying to describe that inspired me. It’s the feeling that you don’t know what to call it, but I would call it “feeling…myself”.

I’m imagining that if this set of things could speak, it would say, “Call me Claire“. I’m you. Because it’s the moment when the world is just you and you are at peace with the world.

Did I manage to create a picture for you? It often happen to me on my travels to stop at a pastry shop table, in the shade of a palm tree on the beach, or on the top of a mountain climb, and I stop…to contemplate? to admire? There would be so many verbs and adjectives to use to describe it but in the end this is ME.

I am a girl who has learned to enjoy happy moments because we never give too much importance to ourselves and we concentrate our energies on problems and difficulties. As if to be happy was a banality, a due thing, taking it for granted.

Call me Claire – blog

About “Call me Claire”, It is and will be a blog where I will talk and try to bring you in these happy moments, giving you all the tips to live them in turn, and share them.

I am convinced that there is no happiness if it is not shared with someone and this someone can be you.

Now that I have explained my intentions, I officially introduce myself. Chiara Peloso, 29 years old, during the week I work as HR, and in my free time I travel physically and mentally. I don’t set limits.

Let’s say that I work for my passions trying to take advantage of the each free time.

In the end, time is the only thing we have, so why waste it?

Let’s go!

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