I think it happened to you too to find yourselves on the road and to see something that is out of tune, something strange and that you may not know how to define with a precise term but it is like a feeling. In this short article, I want to introduce a term in our correspondence and it is ANACHRONISM.

Anachronism is the mistake of attributing certain facts to an era different from the one in which they occurred.

In my opinion, it is the term that comes closest to the two oddities that I have noticed in my travels.

Origin of water

Have you ever noticed that when we sit in a restaurant or buy water, we drink water from far away and there are probably much closer springs?

Imagine trucks full of glass and plastic bottles that clog up the strange every day just to bring the water from the North to drink it in the South, and vice versa. Doesn’t it seem illogical, polluting and unsustainable to you? Today I sat in a restaurant in San Gimignano where I was offered the water of Vicenza (the water of my house) and in my Hotel in San Gimignano there is the water of Turin. Is the image of these trucks, the exhaust gas and the traffic proposed again in my mind just so I don’t know how to organize the logistics? Crazy.

Water - no brand needed
Water – no brand needed

Origin of the Souvenirs

Souvenirs from World
Souvenirs from World

I’m in the centre of Florence and I’m amazed when the masks of the Carnival of Venice are on sale in the shops of Souvenir. I can understand the stock, businesses, and everything, but I don’t understand making fun of tourists in this way.

Last summer I was in Lisbon and in the shops of Souvenir I found the magnets of Milan, Venice and Rome and even the statue of the Colosseum.

I don’t know what to say, I see things out of place and I don’t know if I’m the only one who notices them. You comment if that’s not the case.

These “anachronisms” are not approved by Call me Claire.


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